How to Prepare Your Senior for Hip Replacement Surgery

Elderly Care North Potomac, MD: Hip Replacement Surgery
Elderly Care North Potomac, MD: Hip Replacement Surgery

The need for hip replacement surgery can greatly disrupt your senior’s routine. Whether it’s a planned surgery, such as from osteoporosis, or an unexpected surgery due to a fall, you can take steps to ensure your senior has the best possible care. Hip replacement surgery is often scary, and your plan for helping her to recover can make all the difference. 

Coordinate Your Senior’s Aftercare Plan 

Have a discussion with all of her health professionals and make sure everyone is on the same page. Take note of any recommendations that you can incorporate into the plan for her care after surgery. Make sure that any questions and concerns are addressed immediately, so your senior can confidently move forward with her hip replacement surgery. It might be a good idea now to talk about bringing in elderly care providers to help afterward. 

Boost Your Senior’s Health and Strength 

Hip replacement surgery can take a lot out of someone and your senior will have a long road of recovery ahead of her. Do what you can to increase her overall wellness now, including giving her proper nutrition, hydration, and a closely monitored exercise program. If your senior goes into surgery strong, she has a better chance for a positive outcome post-surgery.  

Prepare Your Senior’s Environment 

Recovering from hip surgery may mean that your senior may have to spend many days in bed and will have far less mobility than usual as she recovers. Rearrange her furniture as necessary to accommodate these needs. You may want to consider getting an adjustable hospital bed for her, or you may need to clear out areas to provide enough space for a walker. Identify possible trouble areas now and make changes as necessary. 

Make Arrangements for Her Post-Op Needs 

Your senior may face many other challenges after surgery. She will likely start attending physical therapy, so she can learn how to walk properly with her new hip. She may also be put on new medications for a variety of reasons. Also, encourage other family members to visit when your senior is feeling well enough to receive visitors, which will brighten her day and help to promote recovery. 

While hip replacement surgery can be intimidating for your family member, a solid plan ensures that  that you are both prepared as much as you can be. Support your elderly family member by making the necessary preparations now that can help bring about a smooth recovery. 

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Why Might Your Senior Be More Susceptible to the Heat?

Elder Care Annapolis, MD: Seniors and Heat
Elder Care Annapolis, MD: Seniors and Heat

When the weather gets hotter, that can create problems for your elderly family member. She may find that it’s a lot more difficult to do the things that she loves to do when it’s hotter for a variety of reasons. The heat itself can be a factor, but some of these issues might also be at play. 

She Isn’t Drinking Enough Water 

Probably the biggest factor that can affect your senior in the heat is whether she’s drinking enough water or not. Not drinking enough water can very easily cause her to be dehydrated and then the heat compounds the problem. Talk to your elderly family member’s doctor about how much water she should be getting every day and then start working toward that goal. If your elderly family member is more active than usual, she should probably bump up her water intake just a little bit, especially if she’s also outside in the heat. 

Her Weight Has Changed 

Weight fluctuations change more than most people realize about how someone reacts to things like heat. Your elderly family member may experience weight fluctuations for a variety of reasons. This can also be an indication that she’s not drinking enough water or that she’s experiencing some other changes. Also, fluctuations to her weight can simply wear out her body. 

Her Health Is a Factor 

Your senior’s overall health and health conditions have a definite impact on how heat affects her. If she’s not able to sweat properly, that can mean she overheats easily. If she’s experiencing kidney or bladder issues, she may not be able to flush wastes out of her system properly. All of this can mean that your elderly family member is simply too busy dealing with those issues for her body to properly manage the heat. 

Her Medications Are Affecting Her 

The health conditions your senior is battling may not affect her in the heat, but the medications she takes to manage them definitely might. Some medications increase sensitivities to both heat and to the sun, which can produce very dangerous side effects for your senior. Talk to your elderly family member’s doctor about the medications she’s taking and whether any of those should be changed during the summer. 

Working with elder care providers can be a great way for you to recognize when your elderly family member is struggling a little more in the heat. Sometimes the signs can be more subtle than you think. 

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Getting Enough Deep Sleep May Be Important for a Longer Life

Senior Care Frederick, MD: Seniors and Sleep
Senior Care Frederick, MD: Seniors and Sleep

It probably comes as no surprise that sleep is important to good health. After all, you know how you feel when you’ve had too little sleep. But, what you may be surprised to learn is that the amount of deep sleep a person gets can impact their lifespan. This means that when your older family member isn’t sleeping well, it could be reducing the amount of time they have left.  

Stanford University Study Reveals Sleep Affects Lifespan 

Deep sleep, also called REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, is when the body fixes damage done during the day. In the past, many studies have shown that not sleeping enough can have dire health consequences. Yet, many people fail to take the necessary steps for improving their sleep.  

According to this new study from Stanford University, by reducing REM sleep by just 5 percent, death rates in older adults go up between 13 and 17 percent. To determine this, the researchers followed 2,600 men who were an average age of 76 for 12 years. In addition, they used data from another study that involved 1,400 men and women with an average age of 52. This second group was followed for approximately 21 years. The impact of reduced REM sleep on mortality rates was observed in both study groups. Lack of REM sleep was linked to an increased risk of death from any cause.  

Improving Senior Sleep 

There are many ways to help your aging relative sleep better, such as these tips: 

  • Have a Schedule: It can be easy for seniors who are retired and don’t have a set daily routine to get up in the morning and go to bed whenever they feel like it. However, by getting up and going to bed at the same time each day, the older adult will likely sleep better. 
  • Seek Out Light During the Day: Spending a little more time in bright light during the day improves sleep by working with the body’s circadian rhythm. The older adult will find themselves with more energy during the day and better sleep at night. 
  • Don’t Nap Too Much: If the senior must nap during the day, naps should be short. Try sticking to 15 to 20 minute “cat naps.” Avoid napping after early afternoon. 

Senior care providers can assist your aging relative with sleeping better at night by assisting them with developing better sleep habits and making certain they are comfortable at night. Senior care providers can help the older adult to stick to a schedule by coming in the morning to get them up at the same time each day and again at night to help them get to bed. Senior care providers can also help the older adult to get outside when the weather is nice, so they can spend some time in the sun. And, by keeping your aging relative busy during the day, the senior care provider can make certain they nap less. 

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Are the Current Trending Diets Worthwhile for a Senior?

Home Care in Bowie, MD: Trending Diets
Home Care in Bowie, MD: Trending Diets

Each time a new diet craze comes out, your mom wants to try it. How safe is it for her to try a new diet? Most trending diets aren’t that great, especially if your mom has a chronic health condition. Talk to her doctor first and see what is recommended. 
The DASH Diet 
Two diets stand out as the best for older adults. The DASH Diet is one of them. DASH stands for the Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (high blood pressure). It’s a diet that’s rich in whole grains, fresh produce, and lean proteins. It cuts sodium and fat intake. 
The Mediterranean Diet 
Most doctors do recommend the Mediterranean Diet to older adults. If your mom insists on trying a trending diet, suggest that one. The Mediterranean Diet focuses on fresh vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, seafood, and legumes. Sweets, red meats, and cheese are used sparingly. 
The other reason the Mediterranean Diet may be more appealing to your mom is that a small glass of red wine each day is allowed. It comes off as less restrictive than many diets, which makes it easier to follow. 
The Keto Diet 
While many people enjoy success at losing weight on the Keto Diet, your mom shouldn’t rush into it without talking to her doctor. The goal of the diet is to put the body in a state of ketosis, which means it starts burning fat for energy. In the process, the body may increase urination and lose electrolytes, which can be a problem for your mom. 
The Flexitarian Diet 
This is another diet worth discussing with her doctor. Your mom would switch out some of her weekly meals with vegetarian or vegan meals. It can help her save money on weekly groceries, but she needs to carefully plan her new diet to make sure she’s getting enough protein. 
She needs to have protein for muscle health. If she’s prone to falling or weaker muscle tone, she would need to have help coming up with weekly menus that provide the protein she needs. Working with her doctor or a nutritionist could help her. 
Is your mom struggling to prepare healthy meals on her own? Have you talked to her about home care services? It’s a good time to hire caregivers to prepare her meals, help her with grocery shopping, and offer other services that help her around the house. Call a home care agency to get started. 

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