Three Things Elder Care Aides Do to Help Older Adults With Arthritis

Elder Care Silver Spring, MD: Older Adults With Arthritis
Elder Care Silver Spring, MD: Older Adults With Arthritis

More than 54 million adults have been diagnosed as having arthritis. Just under half of those adults admit that the chronic health condition limits the things they can do. When it’s your mom or dad with arthritis, it’s hard to watch them struggle with things that used to be so easy for them to manage. 
Arthritis affects joints in the ankles, knees, hips, elbows, wrists, and fingers. In some, it also impacts the neck and toes. No matter where the arthritis pain and stiffness appears, it can make it hard to complete daily activities of living like standing up from a sitting position, lifting a heavier object, buttoning a shirt or pants, or picking an item up. 
Elder care services are designed to help your parents with daily chores. Instead of letting them struggle, they could have help as often as they need it. You won’t have to leave work and rush to their home to help them out. Here are some of the ways elder care aides can help an arthritic client. 
Walking around is fine, but the minute your mom lifts her leg to move from one stair to the next, her hip, knee, or ankle aches. She’s stumbled and fallen due to the pain. You worry about her falling when she’s carrying a heavy laundry basket to the laundry room. 
Let elder care aides take over and do the laundry for her. Caregivers will wash her clothing, sheets, and towels for her. They’ll dry it, fold it, and even put it away if she wants. 
Meal Preparation 
Lifting a heavy pot from the stove to the sink is too hard now that your mom’s fingers and wrists ache. She can’t hold a knife comfortably, so it slips from her hand when she’s trying to chop vegetables. Getting a baking dish out of the oven is also tricky because of hip pain, making it hard to bend over. 
Caregivers can help your mom by taking over meal preparation. They can follow her recipes or create new dishes she finds online or in cookbooks. If she needs to go shopping, caregivers help with that, too. 
Medication Reminders 
Your dad is taking NSAID pain relievers to help manage his arthritis pain. The problem is he loses track of when he had his last dose. He’s gone through an entire bottle of ibuprofen in a short time. You’re worried he’s taking too much and may harm his kidneys. Medication reminders help him keep track of when he can have another pill. 
If you’ve noticed your parents having a more challenging time with daily living activities, it’s an excellent time to sit down and talk about elder care services. Have an elder care aide spend time at your parents’ house. With a caregiver’s help with dressing, grooming, meal preparation, and ambulation, your parents don’t have to struggle to live independently. 

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Battling the Changes Aging Brings to Smell and Taste

Senior Care Frederick, MD: Changes With Smell and Taste
Senior Care Frederick, MD: Changes With Smell and Taste

By the time you reach 70, your mouth produces less saliva, and taste buds are shrinking. While you used to have around 10,000 taste buds, you don’t have as many. That impacts your sense of taste. Your sense of smell is also starting to decrease due to lessened mucus production and changes to nerve endings. 
It may be normal for those senses to diminish, but that doesn’t make it easy. When foods don’t smell or taste the same, it makes it harder to enjoy your meal. You may not be interested in eating if things don’t smell or taste appealing. That’s what’s happening with your parents. 
While you understand the issues at hand, that doesn’t help. You need them to eat, but nothing you’ve cooked appeals to them. Food is going untouched. What do you do? 
Try New Flavors 
One of the first steps to take is trying new flavors. You may see older adults adding a lot of salt to the foods they cook. That’s often an attempt to add flavor. Instead of relying on salt, use herbs and spices. Some of the more robust herbs and spices are cinnamon, basil, cumin, mint, and oregano. 
Use citrus peel and juice instead of adding salt. You’ve made steamed broccoli for your parents. They used to love broccoli, but now they’re not as interested. Toss it with freshly squeezed orange juice, black pepper, and orange zest. 
At the same time, try new foods. Your mom has never had a kiwi. Now is an excellent time to see what she thinks. The fruit’s citrusy, sweet flavor may appeal to her. If she does like it, add it to a fruit salad with other fruits she still enjoys. 
Try Small Plates Instead of Full Meals 
Stop serving full meals. Look into Spanish tapas plates. Instead of offering meals, see if your parents eat more when they’re offered these small plates every couple of hours. It helps keep the blood sugar levels regulated, too. You could start with a plate of orange slices when they get up. A couple of hours later, serve triangles of avocado toast. 
Other ideas for small plates include grilled shrimp that have been tossed in olive oil and fresh garlic, carrot sticks and hummus, and miniature cauliflower fritters. You can also serve a plate with antipasto items like fresh mozzarella, olives, and roasted red peppers. Deviled eggs, finger sandwiches, and fritters are other suitable ideas for small plates. 
You’re feeling frustrated. Now is a good time to walk away and let someone else handle meal preparation. If cooking dinners is causing you stress, shift to other tasks that you don’t mind doing. Have senior care aides cook meals while you help your parents in the garden. Let them cook while you do the laundry. 
It’s important to know when to hand over some of the things you do to help your parents. There’s a misconception among family caregivers that they need to do it all. You don’t. It’s better to know your limits and hire senior care aides when you’ve reached a point where it’s too much to do alone. 

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Pros of Telemedicine for Your Elderly Loved One

Home Care Gaithersburg, MD: Pros of Telemedicine
Home Care Gaithersburg, MD: Pros of Telemedicine

Has your elderly loved one’s doctor started making all or at least most of their appointments with patients online? If so, this is probably something that your elderly loved one is still trying to get used to. Many elderly people don’t really know how to navigate virtual appointments with their doctors or with anyone for that matter. However, if you could talk to your elderly loved one about the pros of telemedicine, this might encourage them to learn how to get through these appointments. Keep reading here for the benefits of these types of appointments.  

Convenient and Accessible Appointments 

The virtual doctor’s appointments can be more convenient and accessible for your elderly loved one. This can be difficult for them to understand at first. However, you and their home care providers should get them to think about it. When was the last time your elderly loved one wanted to leave their house to go to a doctor’s appointment? Most people get frustrated when they have to go to the doctor. With these appointments, your elderly loved one can see their doctor from home. In addition, there are many doctors who are more available with these appointments. The appointments don’t last as long, so they have more time for additional patients each day.  

More Cost-Effective Than In-Person Visits 

Your elderly loved one might benefit from doing virtual appointments with their doctor when it comes to their budget, too. In most cases, telemedicine appointments are much cheaper than seeing a doctor in person. The doctor can save time by doing these appointments, so they don’t have to charge as much. In addition, your elderly loved one would have to pay for gas when going to their appointments in person. However, if they do their appointments online from home, they don’t have to pay for transportation.  

Getting Quality Care 

Many doctors have more time for their patients when doing virtual appointments. This is because they don’t have to get someone to clean up the appointment room before and after each patient. Virtual appointments tend to be more focused on the particular issue, as well. This can help to ensure your elderly loved one gets the best care.  


These are some of the pros of telemedicine for your elderly loved one. If your elderly loved one has been hesitant to accept these appointments or learn how to do them, talk to them about these benefits. The more they see how much virtual appointments with their doctor will be good for them, the more willing they might be to accept the change.  

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Recovering from Pneumonia or Other Serious Illness Can Improve with the Right Elder Care Support

Elderly Care Bowie, MD: Seniors and Pneumonia
Elderly Care Bowie, MD: Seniors and Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a serious illness. It can affect people of any age, but is especially dangerous to seniors (as well as infants and young children). When an aging senior in your life has been hospitalized with pneumonia, it’s vital they not only follow doctor’s instructions when they return home, but also have the right support. 

Why does support matter in pneumonia recovery? 

An aging person doesn’t necessarily need support when they recover from pneumonia at home, but it will certainly help. While family and friends will likely step in to offer assistance, such as doing the grocery shopping, taking out the garbage, or even doing the laundry, that doesn’t mean it’s all that’s necessary. 

An elderly person may require more direct medical attention when they are recovering from pneumonia. Keep in mind that if a senior doesn’t do what’s necessary to recover properly, they could end up back in the hospital before long. And, if they are readmitted to the hospital with pneumonia because it didn’t completely leave their system, then that strain will become tougher to eradicate from the body. 

That means a second trip to the hospital for the same bout of pneumonia could be far more critical than the first one, which would likely already be bad enough. 

Consider a visiting nurse. 

Even though this senior may feel he or she is fine, can handle things on their own, talk about a visiting nurse. A home care aide and visiting nurse could be the difference makers in helping this elderly person recover from pneumonia properly. 

A visiting nurse could check vitals, check the senior’s temperature, and even administer medications, if necessary. While family may assume that role or responsibility, they can’t legally administer medications to somebody else, unless it is their child. 

A home health care provider who is licensed to administer medications can take on this vital role in the recovery process. They can also relay critical information to the senior’s doctor for proper monitoring. 

There may be certain subtle signs and symptoms that something isn’t quite right that family without experience can easily overlook. You don’t want that to happen, not at this stage in the game and not with something as serious as pneumonia. 

Consider an elderly care provider, a visiting nurse, a home care aide, or somebody else who has supported other seniors through this recovery process. It can make a world of difference in the end. 

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