About Us

Senior woman shopping with caregiverBeautiful Care for an Enriching Life

At Just Divine Home Care, we believe that life can and should be fulfilling at any age and in any circumstance. Our home care services are designed to help seniors and others who need care to live comfortably, securely and safely at home, while also helping them stay active and engaged with their families and communities. Our dedicated caregivers are highly experienced and trained to provide personalized care that meets both the physical and emotional needs of our clients. We strive to always see the person first, and then provide care.

Our Founder

Just Divine Home Care was founded by Priscilla Baah, an ordained pastor and entrepreneur with a business degree and financial services background, whose personal experience in caring for her own father during his cancer diagnosis led her to open Just Divine Home Care. Following that time in her life, Priscilla felt called to help others in the Clarksburg area find the loving, professional care that they need and deserve while they are aging or experiencing health-related challenges.

She opened Just Divine Home Care in 2008 with a mission of helping seniors and others who need care to remain independent, stay active in their communities, and find delight in the aging process, all while receiving dedicated, quality care in the comfort of home.

Our Caregivers

We want our caregivers to feel like family members. When it comes to creating a care plan, we focus on getting to know our clients and building real relationships with them and their families, for knowing people well is the key to being able to provide true care for body and mind.

We know that inviting a caregiver into your home is an act of trust. That’s why we work tirelessly to make sure that each and every caregiver we hire is mature, reliable, trustworthy, safe, respectful, and professional. We ensure that each of our caregivers:

  • Passes a criminal background check
  • Has a verifiable Social Security number
  • Is eligible for employment in the US
  • Passes a reference check
  • Has a minimum of two years’ experience working in a hospital or nursing home
  • Is thoroughly interviewed
  • Undergoes competency testing and a thorough orientation process
  • Is certified as a nursing assistant by the Maryland Board of Nursing
  • Has a valid driver’s license when needed
  • Speaks fluent English

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