Home Care Olney, MD: Bathroom Safety
Home Care Olney, MD: Bathroom Safety

The bathroom is a common place for falls and it is full of slick surfaces that can be quite unforgiving if a fall does occur. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be hard to make the bathroom a safer place for seniors. 

Use Color to Enhance Contrast 

Poor vision can contribute to seniors’ fall risk. It’s important to stay current on yearly eye exams. An easy thing seniors can do in the bathroom to compensate for changes in vision is to use contrasting colors to increase visibility.  

Use brightly colored tape for a quick and inexpensive way to increase contrast in areas such as door frames or the lip of the shower. Purchasing a dark-colored toilet seat can also be helpful. Using dark and light wood or tiles is an effective and elegant way to accomplish this for a senior looking to remodel the bathroom. 

Add Non-Slip Strips 

Non-slip mats can help reduce the risk of slipping quite a bit. However, they must be used with caution. Mats can actually increase the risk of tripping if they are worn out or don’t stick securely to the floor. Non-slip strips may be a better choice. EIther way, ensure that any non-slip additions are in good repair and don’t present a tripping hazard.  

Install Grab Bars 

Grab bars can make the bathroom much safer by providing a sturdy handhold for seniors to steady themself while turning around to use the toilet or while stepping into the tub. Inexpensive clamp-on or suction-based handholds are available for those who only need a small amount of balance support. For seniors who need something to bear a significant percentage of their weight, a grab bar will be in order. Grab bars should be installed into a stud for safety, so having a professional contractor perform this work is a good idea.  

Request a Professional Home Safety Assessment 

Seniors who are worried about falling in the bathroom would do well to consult with a specialist. Physical or occupational therapists can come into a senior’s home to assess the space and how the individual moves about it. They can then give personalized recommendations for increasing safety, efficiency or functionality based on their specific goals, abilities and needs. 

Professional Home Care 

Professional caregivers are a popular option for seniors as well. Available through home care agencies, professional caregivers are trained and experienced in assisting seniors to shower safely.   

Home care aides come into a senior’s home to help with a wide variety of tasks. They offer customized scheduling and services so each senior’s particular needs and preferences are accommodated. For example, home care aides can come early morning, late evening, or anytime in between to assist with a shower or bath. They can even perform a bedbath. After bathing, they can lotion the senior’s back and legs, help with dressing, or clean up the bathroom. Not only that, they can file toenails, paint fingernails, run a load of laundry, or help out with any number of other things while they are there. 

There are many ways that hiring home care can enhance bathing safety on a customized and individualized basis. 

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