Elder Home Care Gaithersburg, MD: Hearing Impaired
Elder Home Care Gaithersburg, MD: Hearing Impaired

Per CDC studies, 33 percent of adults between the ages of 65 and 74 are hard of hearing. Half of those 75 or older have difficulty hearing. Whether your dad’s hearing loss is related to a job with noisy equipment or a medical condition, he’s going to need your support. One of the ways to support him is by hiring Elder Home Care aides to assist him with daily activities. 


Part of safe driving is being able to hear things around you. You need to hear a train whistle, sirens, and honking horns. If you can’t, it’s hard to drive safely. When your dad loses his hearing, a hearing aid may help. If it’s not enough, he needs someone to drive him around. 

Caregivers can drive him to stores, businesses, and medical offices. He can have caregivers run errands for him or bring him to social venues like senior centers or parks. 

Answering Phone Calls and Door Visitors 

When he loses his hearing, there are phones, smoke/fire/carbon monoxide alarms, and doorbells that flash lights. These help him identify an action must be taken. If he doesn’t have this technology yet due to the cost or availability, talk to him about Elder Home Care. 

With Elder Home Care services, he has someone to answer his phone and answer the door. The caregiver can direct the caller or visitor in the appropriate way by asking your dad what he would like to say/do. If it’s a scam call or door-to-door sales attempt, the caregiver can alert authorities for your dad and prevent him from being scammed. 

As he has a caregiver with him each week or day, he has someone for companionship. He can rely on his caregiver to help him make purchases or arrange a demonstration for technology to help him out over the phone. 

Scheduling Appointments and Ordering Prescriptions 

Caregivers can schedule your dad’s appointments, which will be easier for him when he’s lost his hearing. He can use TTY on his own, but if he doesn’t have that technology set up, caregivers save time and frustration. It may help him out when he’s first acclimating to his hearing loss and learning how to use TTY. 

They can also order and pick-up prescription refills. If he’s almost out of a medication, he can have his caregiver call the pharmacy or doctor to arrange the refill. 

Arrange Elder Home Care services by making a call. Discuss your dad’s level of hearing loss and find out what services can help him live independently with a helping hand. 

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