Elder Home Care Columbia, MD: Memory Issues
Elder Home Care Columbia, MD: Memory Issues

Everybody has trouble remembering things now and again, but when does a tricky memory become something that your senior needs to worry about? That bar might be a frustrating one for you and for her to navigate. These tips can help you both. 

Your Senior Is Repeating Questions and Stories  

Repetition is a big clue. When your senior is repeating questions, stories, and other information, that could be a sign that she’s having issues with her memory. Usually when this happens, your senior doesn’t even realize that she’s doing so. Your elderly family member may do this when she’s especially nervous or when she’s bored or excited, too. 

Your Senior Is Suddenly Getting Lost 

When your elderly family member is in familiar locations, they should feel familiar to her. She should be able to navigate them easily, regardless of whether you’re talking about her home or somewhere else that she visits regularly, even in her own town. If she’s getting lost in these familiar places, though, that can be a sign that there’s something going on with her memory. 

Your Senior Has a Tough Time with Directions 

A different type of directions could also be an issue for your elderly family member now. When she’s performing tasks, she may start to forget what order the tasks need to be done in. This might mean that she forgets which clothing to put on first or what ingredients need to go in a recipe that she’s made for years. If you’re giving her a set of directions, she may have trouble processing and remembering all of the different parts. 

Other Things Are Also Confusing for Her 

There may be other issues your senior is facing right now, too. One of the biggest could be that your elderly family member seems to be confused more often about things that haven’t been a problem in the past. Things like time, both calendar and clock time, may be a lot more difficult for her to keep up with on her own suddenly. These little areas of confusion can start to add up and become a much more pressing concern. 

Talk to your senior’s doctor about any memory issues you or she are seeing. There are tests that can narrow down what’s going on. Something else that can help is having Elder Home Care providers assisting your senior more often. That can help to reduce the anxiety that memory issues can bring. 

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