Elderly Care Bowie, MD: Seniors and Pneumonia
Elderly Care Bowie, MD: Seniors and Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a serious illness. It can affect people of any age, but is especially dangerous to seniors (as well as infants and young children). When an aging senior in your life has been hospitalized with pneumonia, it’s vital they not only follow doctor’s instructions when they return home, but also have the right support. 

Why does support matter in pneumonia recovery? 

An aging person doesn’t necessarily need support when they recover from pneumonia at home, but it will certainly help. While family and friends will likely step in to offer assistance, such as doing the grocery shopping, taking out the garbage, or even doing the laundry, that doesn’t mean it’s all that’s necessary. 

An elderly person may require more direct medical attention when they are recovering from pneumonia. Keep in mind that if a senior doesn’t do what’s necessary to recover properly, they could end up back in the hospital before long. And, if they are readmitted to the hospital with pneumonia because it didn’t completely leave their system, then that strain will become tougher to eradicate from the body. 

That means a second trip to the hospital for the same bout of pneumonia could be far more critical than the first one, which would likely already be bad enough. 

Consider a visiting nurse. 

Even though this senior may feel he or she is fine, can handle things on their own, talk about a visiting nurse. A home care aide and visiting nurse could be the difference makers in helping this elderly person recover from pneumonia properly. 

A visiting nurse could check vitals, check the senior’s temperature, and even administer medications, if necessary. While family may assume that role or responsibility, they can’t legally administer medications to somebody else, unless it is their child. 

A home health care provider who is licensed to administer medications can take on this vital role in the recovery process. They can also relay critical information to the senior’s doctor for proper monitoring. 

There may be certain subtle signs and symptoms that something isn’t quite right that family without experience can easily overlook. You don’t want that to happen, not at this stage in the game and not with something as serious as pneumonia. 

Consider an elderly care provider, a visiting nurse, a home care aide, or somebody else who has supported other seniors through this recovery process. It can make a world of difference in the end. 

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