Senior Home Care Annapolis, MD: Senior Home Care
Senior Home Care Annapolis, MD: Senior Home Care

Aging at home means your parents stay in their home as long as is physically possible. To do so, they need to be able to do everything from eating the right foods to taking care of their care needs like showering and oral care. Their home needs to be clean and organized to prevent fall hazards and other health issues. 
What if they need a helping hand with things like flossing their teeth, washing dishes, and doing the laundry? Does that mean they need to move in with you or someone else? If they want to live in their home but need a helping hand, Senior Home Care are the best way to make sure it happens. 
Meal Preparation 
Cooking meals may be harder if arthritis affects the joints in the fingers. Holding a knife firmly enough to slice vegetables and meats is often difficult. You can look for cutlery that’s designed for arthritic hands or hire caregivers to prepare and serve meals. 
With meal preparation services, your parents also have someone to do the dishes and disinfect surfaces afterward. It keeps the kitchen clean and germ-free, which helps prevent cross-contamination and food poisoning. It also ensures your parents have the right foods to provide energy for their activities. 
The CDC’s 2017 counts put the number of adults aged 65 or older at 47.8 million. Of those people, just under 44 million were still able to drive a vehicle. With more than 3 million unable to drive, transportation services are often one of the most important tools in staying active as you age. 
Caregivers can drive your parents to stores, restaurants, parks, museums, medical offices, and senior centers. They can stay with your parents while they’re engaging with others or pick them up later. Senior Home Care specialists can help you schedule weekly visits from caregivers to meet your parents’ needs. 
Arthritis pain is just one reason that housework becomes harder for aging adults. Lifting a laundry basket is one thing. Safely carrying it up and down the stairs to a basement laundry room is another. They avoid falls and injuries that limit their activities. 
Caregivers can help your parents with the more challenging housekeeping chores like stripping sheets, making the bed, doing the laundry, and vacuuming stairs. If your parents still like to do these chores but need a helping hand, that’s also an option. 
With Senior Home Care, your parents have the help they need to remain independent and active. They may be able to walk if they have an arm to hold for support. They may just need someone to carry things down to the washing machine and back upstairs. Make arrangements by calling a Senior Home Care agency. 

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