Caregiver in Olney, MD: National Women's Month
Caregiver in Olney, MD: National Women’s Month

March is Women’s History Month and is observed in several countries across the world, including the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. It became a national month of recognition in 1981 in the US after having started out as National Women’s History Day and then becoming National Women’s History Week. 

As a caregiver, March can be a great time to connect with your elderly parent and celebrate all the richness women have brought to our country’s history. Depending upon your family’s dynamics and ability to spend time together during these current times, you might choose to spend a few hours one-on-one with your parent celebrating women’s history or make it a month-long celebration with the entire family. Here are a few ways you and your elderly parent can celebrate Women’s History month.  

  1. Make it personal. Your family history is a great place to start. Whether your elderly parent is a man or a woman (or if both are surviving), they are sure to have a rich memory of the history made within your family tree by the women that have come before them. There are stories and maybe even photos that should be captured and recorded to be shared for your current children and for generations to come. You could pick a night a week to have your parent(s) share stories of the women who came before them. If your parents are still not able to gather with your extended family, plan a large family zoom meeting where stories can be shared. Assign someone the role of being the recorder- a family member who will write everything down and share it with those who weren’t able to attend or who haven’t been born yet. If you are able to gather, a family dinner made of traditionally prepared meals can be a great way to end each week in the month of March as you share your family’s history. Sharing these family history moments will build a richness to your family’s history.  
  1. Make it local. As a caregiver, do a little research about which famous women have lived in your town or state and then create a little “history lesson” each week during a meal shared with your parent. Your parent might be surprised to learn about the historical women that have come right from the very area she grew up in. Look for inventors, artists, authors, and other non-traditional roles for women. 
  1. Make it diverse. Historical women come from all kinds of backgrounds. Help your parent widen her perspective by learning about women of color or women of different faiths who have made our country the great place that it is. TV stations such as PBS and the History Channel will have lots of programming this month for a quiet night in with your parent as you learn about the diverse history of women in America.  

It’s nice to be able to spend time as a caregiver simply spending time with your parent, and not having to complete a chore or fulfill a duty. Finding unique monthly celebrations and holidays can create rewarding experiences that both your and your parent will cherish for a long time.  

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