Senior Home Care Bowie, MD: Create a Cozy Area
Senior Home Care Bowie, MD: Create a Cozy Area

Does your dad have his own “man cave?” If he’s stressed, does he have somewhere to go? Create a cozy area where he can escape when he needs to. When he wants others around, he’ll be happy to socialize while knowing he still has a place to go if things become overwhelming. 
Find a Space That’s Not Used and Plan Its Use 
Start by finding a space in your dad’s home that’s not often used. A den is a good place to consider. Start by painting the space with a calming color. Blues and greens are good choices. 
You have to make sure the lighting is good. He wants a cheery, bright room. LED lighting is energy-efficient and provides a lot of light in rooms that may not have large windows to let in natural lighting. 
Once you have the empty space that’s ready to turn into a cozy nook, plan it’s purpose. Is your dad more likely to want a home theater or reading space? Will he want a place to play music or meditate? He might want a mix of things. 
Furnish the room based on his preferences. If he’s after a home theater, you could put in a couple of theater-style recliners, an entertainment center that has an electric fireplace for cold, winter days, and an HDTV. A smart TV will make it easy to stream movies from channels like Vudu, Amazon Prime, or Google Play. 
Add Easy-to-Use Technology 
Add technology that simplifies your dad’s time spent in the room. A voice-controlled TV remote will be easy for him to use. Things like a smart speaker that can play music and podcasts, find the right movie for him, and turn lights on and off help. He could also use the smart speaker as an intercom to reach others in the house if he needs something. 
Hire Caregivers to Help Ease Your Dad’s To-Do List 
Stress can become overwhelming if it’s not managed. Excessive stress is linked to several health issues, so your dad must learn how to manage his stress before it becomes overwhelming. Being alone and struggling with household chores can increase stress. 
Your dad can reduce his stress levels by having help with some of his daily activities. Socialization can help reduce the risk of stress. Senior Home Care helps older adults with difficult tasks like meals, laundry, and housekeeping. Senior Home Care services are easy to arrange and help prevent loneliness, isolation, and difficulty with daily tasks. Call to learn more.

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