Elderly Care North Potomac, MD: Finding a Great Care Agency
Elderly Care North Potomac, MD: Finding a Great Care Agency

Elderly care is one of the best ways for your parents to remain independent. When you’ve had no experience finding and hiring these services, it can be hard knowing what to do. Here are some of the things you need to look at when finding the right elderly care services. 

What Services Are Needed Immediately? What if Their Needs Change? 

Start by sitting down with your parents and any close family members or friends who spend a lot of time at your parents’ home. What do people see as the challenges your parents face? Write them down. 

When you have a list of the areas where your parents need help, go through the elderly care services that will help them. If your mom fell getting out of the shower and doesn’t feel confident in the bathroom, she could have a caregiver available to hand her a towel or terry robe and assist her as she steps out of the shower to a bath mat.  

Your dad might live alone and struggle with meals and snacks. Caregivers can come to his home and cook them for him. He might need someone to drive him to stores and medical offices. 

As you start calling agencies, ask about the caregivers and their specialties. If you have a caregiver who can cook but doesn’t love it, you might want to keep searching for a caregiver who is passionate about cooking. 

What Training and Background Checks Take Place? 

When you call an elderly care specialist, ask about the training and background checks. Most will do them when they hire new employees, but some don’t do drug tests and background checks randomly throughout the year.  

Training is another factor to consider. Some have training programs all caregivers go through prior to starting full-time. Others have apprenticeship-style programs. You might find that level of training is a better match for your parents. 

How Do Introductions Take Place? 

Ask the elderly care agency’s specialist about introductory meetings. Can you meet different caregivers in advance? Can your parents ask questions and get a feel for the caregivers that they feel had a stronger connection with them? 

Can You Be Present in the First Few Days? 

In the first few days, can you be at your parents’ house? You don’t want to hover or interfere in the care your parents get, but it may make them feel safer during the initial days knowing that you’re working in another room.  

What Happens if a Caregiver Can’t Show Up as Scheduled? 

The final way to finalize your decision on elderly care aides is by asking what happens if that caregiver is sick or unable to start his/her car. Is a replacement sent immediately or will you have to call in and take a personal day? Will your parents be matched with a caregiver that they connected with or the first available? The answer to that may influence their final decision on which elderly care agency is best. 

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