Elderly Care Gaithersburg, MD: Active Lifestyle
Elderly Care Gaithersburg, MD: Active Lifestyle

Being more active can cover a lot of ground for your senior. There’s physical activity, which needs to be cleared by her doctor before she begins, and social activity. Both have some serious benefits if your elderly family member is willing to branch out a little bit and try new things. This can be difficult at first, especially if she’s gradually become quite inactive. Be patient and help her to slowly make progress if she’s willing to try. 

She Might Live Longer 

No one can guarantee your senior a long life, unfortunately, but being more active can increase the likelihood that she does live longer. Whether you’re talking about being socially active or physically active, both show signs of improving your senior’s lifespan. That’s an important reason to look for ways to start being more active in a variety of ways. 

She Might Avoid Some Health Issues 

A contributing factor to living longer is having fewer health issues, of course. Being more socially and physically active can help with this, too. Physical activity in particular can help a great deal with issues like heart disease, diabetes, and even dementia. Your elderly family member may find that as she becomes more active, her brain also feels healthier and more engaged. 

She Might Be Happier 

Social activity can help with mood regulation because it reduces loneliness and social isolation. But physical activity also helps with happiness and mood regulation. Endorphins and other chemicals and hormones released during and after exercise boost mood for hours and sometimes days afterward. This can be huge for your senior. 

She May Find it Easier to Cope with Life’s Challenges 

Having a social support system is crucial in a crisis or when facing any number of life’s challenges. Your senior has you as her family caregiver, but she needs other forms of social support, too. Being physically active can also serve as a tool for managing difficult life challenges. Volunteering, for instance, can be a great way for your elderly family member to put her own problems in perspective. 

Being more active, both in terms of social and physical activity, is easier with help. Elderly care providers can be there for your senior as she slowly and steadily increases all of the various types of activity in her life. If she needs help in other ways, such as with transportation, they can be there for that, too. 

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