Caregiver Frederick, MD: Seniors and Wandering
Caregiver Frederick, MD: Seniors and Wandering

That moment when you realize your senior isn’t where you thought she was can be absolutely terrifying. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can cause your elderly family member to begin wandering away. What do you do when that happens? 

Start Searching as Soon as You Notice Her Gone 

Do a fast sweep of the house or at least the areas in the house you know your senior spends time in the most. Check exterior doors as you pass them, because if your elderly family member left via one of those exits, you might see something that clues you in. Make sure you’ve got your phone with you and call 911 as you search the yard and scan the street outside. The police department can help you to set up a Silver Alert, so that more people will be on the lookout for your senior. 

Ask People You See if They’ve Seen Your Senior 

Pick a direction that seems most likely for your senior to have taken and ask anyone you see if they’ve seen your senior. It helps if you have recent pictures, especially on your phone. This reduces the need to describe your senior repeatedly to people. If she is wearing anything distinctive, make sure you mention it. Odds are very good that your elderly family member may not have gotten very far, especially if you noticed quickly that she had left. 

Let Neighbors Know You’re Looking 

If you’re on a speaking basis with neighbors near your elderly family member’s home, call them and ask if they’ve seen your elderly family member. It’s possible they could have noticed something that didn’t seem important at the time, but that can help you now. You might even find your senior in a neighbor’s yard, exploring gardens or outside seating areas. Also, if the neighbors know you’re looking for your senior, they can pitch in and help. 

Check Favorite Hangouts, if Possible 

Are there places nearby that your senior enjoys hanging out? If there’s a park in the neighborhood or something similar, she might have headed that way. Some of her favorite places might be farther away, though, and as long as she’s on foot, you may have to guess where she headed. This is why getting emergency assistance first can be helpful. 

If your senior is starting to wander more often, it might be a good idea to find some solutions. Bringing in a caregiver with experience helping people with dementia can be a solid answer. 

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