Caregiver Columbia, MD: Seniors and Driving
Caregiver Columbia, MD: Seniors and Driving

There’s a great deal of stress involved in driving, and that might be too much for your senior at this stage of her life. Look for some of these signs. 

She’s Having Trouble Maneuvering the Car 

It takes a lot of concentration to maneuver a car safely, and if that’s becoming more difficult for your senior, that’s definitely stressful. Having trouble with those activities can fluster her, with that stress ironically making it even more difficult for her to do what she needs to do behind the wheel. This can be a problem that keeps growing. 

She’s Having Trouble Seeing Well 

What’s your senior’s vision like? If she’s not able to see well, that is a huge problem behind the wheel. Not seeing signs, marks, and signals is a recipe for disaster. Make sure that your elderly family member is getting her eyes examined regularly so that you can be sure that she’s able to see what’s happening around her. 

You’re Noticing She Seems to Mix Things Up 

Confusion in other areas of her life might indicate that your senior is mixing things up elsewhere, too, like behind the wheel. This might not be a big deal in the rest of her life, but when she’s driving, that might mean that she hits the gas pedal when she meant to hit the brakes. That can lead to a big accident very quickly. 

She Has a Tough Time with Distractions 

If your elderly family member is having a tough time regulating herself when she’s distracted, that’s also bad news behind the wheel. Driving involves managing distractions effectively and keeping a cool head. If distractions in her own home are a problem, they’re really a problem when she’s driving. 

She’s Got a Lot of Road Rage 

Speaking of keeping a cool head, your senior should be calm behind the wheel. If she’s experiencing a lot of road rage, then driving might be too stressful for her right now. Taking a driving course can help her to get those feelings back under control, but not always. Talk to her about what continued examples of road rage might mean for her ability to keep driving.  

It’s entirely possible that it’s just time for your elderly family member to stop driving. If that’s the case, then bringing in a caregiver to handle the driving for her is a great way to keep her mobile while also keeping her safe. 

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