Home Care Westminster, MD: Prepared for Strong Storms
Home Care Westminster, MD: Prepared for Strong Storms

When an unexpected or long-lasting storm hits, how prepared is your family? It’s important to think about the effects that an unusual storm can have. Snow and ice in a warm climate can wreak havoc on a power grid. If your mom is without power for days, would she be okay? 
It’s also important to consider how well your mom is prepared for heavy snow that blocks roadways and keeps others away. If you can’t stop by until the roads to her house are clear, would she have enough food and know what to do? 
Keep Her Pantry and Home Stocked for Power Interruptions 
When there’s no power, your mom needs to have non-perishable foods available. Crackers and shelf-stable containers of milk are important. Canned soups, vegetables, and fruit are important to keep on hand. Make sure she has a hand-operated can opener in her drawer. 
Bottled water is important if she is on a well or has a pressure tank or pump that feeds water into the house. No power often means no running water during an outage. Jugs of water she can use for brushing her teeth and filling the back of the toilet for flushing are also important. 
Keep baby wipes on hand for quick sponge baths when power is out. Cans of dry shampoo will help her feel a little fresher. 
Make Sure Someone Checks on Her 
Talk to your mom’s neighbors or a local family member about checking in on her. If someone is close enough to walk to her home and check-in, it’s ideal. 
Teach Her How to Stay Warm 
An extended power outage usually means there is no heat. To stay warm enough, your mom should close herself into one smaller room. A bedroom is ideal. Stay warm by dressing in layers and using extra blankets to keep cool air from reaching her skin. 
Remember It’s Temporary 
The big thing is she needs to remember that the power will come back and the storm will end. It may not be ideal, but she can wait it out. Stressing over it is futile. Books, magazines, and a deck of cards for games of solitaire will keep her busy. 
While you shouldn’t panic, you also need to prepare for emergencies. If you don’t live close enough to your mom to check on her each day, arrange home care solutions. She can have a caregiver making sure she evacuates safely if the orders are given or making sure her home is stocked with water, blankets, and non-perishable foods. Call a home care agency to discuss prices. 

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