Elderly Care North Potomac, MD: Hip Replacement Surgery
Elderly Care North Potomac, MD: Hip Replacement Surgery

The need for hip replacement surgery can greatly disrupt your senior’s routine. Whether it’s a planned surgery, such as from osteoporosis, or an unexpected surgery due to a fall, you can take steps to ensure your senior has the best possible care. Hip replacement surgery is often scary, and your plan for helping her to recover can make all the difference. 

Coordinate Your Senior’s Aftercare Plan 

Have a discussion with all of her health professionals and make sure everyone is on the same page. Take note of any recommendations that you can incorporate into the plan for her care after surgery. Make sure that any questions and concerns are addressed immediately, so your senior can confidently move forward with her hip replacement surgery. It might be a good idea now to talk about bringing in elderly care providers to help afterward. 

Boost Your Senior’s Health and Strength 

Hip replacement surgery can take a lot out of someone and your senior will have a long road of recovery ahead of her. Do what you can to increase her overall wellness now, including giving her proper nutrition, hydration, and a closely monitored exercise program. If your senior goes into surgery strong, she has a better chance for a positive outcome post-surgery.  

Prepare Your Senior’s Environment 

Recovering from hip surgery may mean that your senior may have to spend many days in bed and will have far less mobility than usual as she recovers. Rearrange her furniture as necessary to accommodate these needs. You may want to consider getting an adjustable hospital bed for her, or you may need to clear out areas to provide enough space for a walker. Identify possible trouble areas now and make changes as necessary. 

Make Arrangements for Her Post-Op Needs 

Your senior may face many other challenges after surgery. She will likely start attending physical therapy, so she can learn how to walk properly with her new hip. She may also be put on new medications for a variety of reasons. Also, encourage other family members to visit when your senior is feeling well enough to receive visitors, which will brighten her day and help to promote recovery. 

While hip replacement surgery can be intimidating for your family member, a solid plan ensures that  that you are both prepared as much as you can be. Support your elderly family member by making the necessary preparations now that can help bring about a smooth recovery. 

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