Senior Care Westminster, MD: Additional Senior Care Services
Senior Care Westminster, MD: Additional Senior Care Services

Senior care services help your parents age at home. Services like housekeeping, meal preparation, and help with personal care are expected. There are other components of senior care that you may not realize exist. 
How often do you take breaks from family caregiving? You should take breaks each week. If you feel like a daily break would be better, arrange to have senior care stopping by throughout the week. 
While caregivers are helping out, you can go for a walk, get dinner, or take a bubble bath. You could take a nap, chat with friends, or run errands. Breaks are also important as it’s the best way to go to your yearly medical appointments without having to drag your parent along. 
Chaperone Services 
If you’re at work, you may not want to use vacation days to bring your parents to the dentist. If you’re a family caregiver to both parents, that’s four yearly dental visits. You also need to take time off for doctor’s appointments. It can become a hassle to keep taking off personal days or vacation time. 
Limit the amount of time you take off by arranging to have your parents go to their appointments with a chaperone. Senior care services can arrange to have caregivers bring your parents to and from appointments and keep you updated with anything the doctor recommends. 
If your parents hate being alone all week, caregivers can come provide companionship. They can stop by to chat with your parents, play games, or watch a favorite movie or TV show. 
Help With Hobbies 
Your parents may have hobbies they love but can’t do without help. Your mom likes needlepoint, but she can’t thread the needle. Your dad likes gardening, but he needs someone to carry the tools and support him while he walks around the yard. 
Caregivers can help with hobbies. If your parents simply need help reading instructions, caregivers can do it. If they need help purchasing supplies, caregivers can take them to the store and carry the bags. 
Your parents may not want to stay at home all the time. They may want to go to a nature park to walk along the river or watch birds. They may want to go on a picnic at the beach and listen to the waves. They also may be afraid to do this alone. 
Caregivers can join them on these outings. They’ll have the help they need when they’re enjoying a recreational activity. 
It’s very easy to arrange senior care for your parents. Call an agency, answer some questions, and decide what services best match their needs. You’ll learn more about prices and schedules when you make this call. 

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