Home Care in Olney, MD: Seniors and Skin Issues
Home Care in Olney, MD: Seniors and Skin Issues

Aging affects different parts of the body, and skin is one of them. Collagen supplies aren’t as plentiful, and cells don’t regenerate and repair as quickly. These problems with aging can lead to dry, itchy skin. 
There are other issues, too. After years in the sun, the risk of skin cancer increases. Sunspots appear. Other non-cancerous growths may appear. All of it can be concerning. It’s time to look at your mom and dad’s skincare habits and take steps to improve them. 
Dry Skin Thoroughly After a Shower 
One way to avoid skin issues is by making sure it is dried thoroughly after a shower. Don’t leave moisture in any creases. It increases the risk of fungal infections in folds or between the toes. 
Your parents could air dry if they struggle to dry some of their creases and lower areas like the toes. If they’re not comfortable with that, get them each a terry robe and have them wear that for a while before they get dressed. The goal is not to get dressed until their skin is dry. 
Be Liberal With Moisturizer 
Once their skin is dry, they want to apply a moisturizer. Ideally, they want one that is unscented and approved by dermatologists. Cerave products are one option. 
Eat a Healthy Diet 
Eat foods that are high in antioxidants to help the skin stay healthier. Berries, leafy greens, and citrus fruits are all excellent choices. They also want to keep hydrated. Have them aim for two or three liters of water each day. 
Always Use Sunscreen 
When they’re outside, your parents should apply sunscreen that’s 30 SPF or higher. It has to be a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays. Every two hours or after getting wet, they need to reapply it. 
Make sure they know to apply the sunscreen to any exposed skin. This includes the back of the arms, the armpits, the back of the knees, the eyelids, and the ears. 
Ask for a Referral to a Dermatologist 
When they’re at the doctor’s office, they should ask for a referral to have their skin checked by a dermatologist. If they have any moles, it’s important to have an expert look them over. The appointment won’t take long. 
At the dermatologist’s office, they’ll put on a hospital gown and lay or stand. The doctor will go over their skin and use the scope to make sure moles are not cancerous. 
As soon as you find your parents having a more challenging time with personal care and showering, it’s time to call a home care expert. They can have caregivers assisting them where help is needed and letting them do everything else. Home care supports your dad and mom’s wish to live independently in their home. Call now. 

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