Senior Home Care Annapolis, MD: Aging in Place
Senior Home Care Annapolis, MD: Aging in Place

There are plenty of Senior Home Care options available for older Americans. However, a growing majority prefer to remain home. This is commonly referred to as aging in place and it’s important to understand because the more you are aware of the various choices available, the more you might be able to help them either yourself or an aging parent or somebody else you care about who is of advancing years. 

What does it mean to age in place? 

In short, this basically refers to anyone who wishes to receive care at home. As people get older their health will diminish and their physical abilities will decline. There’s no avoiding that. The older a person is, the less likely they are able to continue doing the same things they used to do with ease. 

Whether that is playing tennis or golf, going for walks around the park, cleaning up the yard, fixing the house, and so on, at some point an elderly person is going to reach a moment when he or she can no longer do the things they used to. 

At this point, they either have the option of moving to a facility, moving in with family, or getting in-home care support services. 

Wanting to age in place means the elderly person wants to remain in their home. In the house they have lived at for years. This is where they are comfortable. Here, they are surrounded by memories. They know the steps, the hallway, the kitchen layout. They know how to get up and down the stairs to the basement or to a second floor landing. 

They are comfortable here. This is home to them. They don’t want to leave. They don’t want to have to start over. 

But, is it truly possible? 

For most people the answer is yes. It is possible to remain home and “age in place” with the right type of support. Many family members rally around elderly parents or grandparents and support them however they can. 

Unfortunately, most of these family caregivers are not experienced, don’t have the right time to devote to this aging senior, or don’t know the things to look out for. 

An experienced in-home care provider through an agency is a much better option. It is the top preferred Senior Home Care option for elderly Americans who want to remain home. By choosing this type of Senior Home Care, an elderly person can maintain dignity and a higher quality of life while remaining comfortable in their own house, condo, or apartment. 

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