Senior Home Care North Potomac, MD: Senior Home Care
Senior Home Care North Potomac, MD: Senior Home Care

Sit down with your family and open a discussion about Senior Home Care. While caregivers help your parents maintain their independence while aging at home, the entire family also benefits. It’s an important discussion to have sooner rather than later. 
It Helps Ensure Your Parents Are Not Alone 
Your parents’ friends have moved out of state seeking warmer weather and a lower cost of living. They don’t have a large social circle anymore, so they’re home alone most days. A lack of socialization can impact their health. 
They need opportunities to talk to others. They need people who will join them for a meal or play cards with them. If they don’t, it can affect their mental and emotional health as well as increase the risk of certain diseases. Dementia is one that studies find may be more common in people who do not stay social. 
The Home Stays Clean and Organized 
With regular visits from caregivers, your parents’ house stays clean and organized. Caregivers clean up, make sure items are put away, and that reduces clutter. 
Clutter is one reason that falls happen. Imagine that your parents set their slippers at the top of the stairs. While walking downstairs after waking up and needing a glass of water, your parent trips on a slipper and falls. That fall could lead to a fracture or head injury. If there is a place for slippers to go, it reduces the odds of a fall. 
Transportation is Readily Available 
Your dad no longer drives. His eyesight’s gotten too bad. He has a serious of medical appointments for the next month or two and you have to keep taking time off work. You’re out of personal days, so you’re taking the days off unpaid. 
With Senior Home Care aides providing transportation, your dad has a ride and an escort. You don’t miss any wages. 
You Need Breaks 
Respite care is one of the most important Senior Home Care for families. You’re encouraged to spend as much time helping your parents as you can, but you also get the support you need for breaks. You cannot let your physical and mental needs go ignored. 
You still need to take a morning off for your yearly health exam. While many family caregivers ignore their health, it’s not a good idea. So many diseases and health conditions are treatable when caught early through screenings like colonoscopies and regular blood pressure readings. 
Stay social. Visit with friends and family members. Have a quiet evening with your spouse or significant other playing games after a healthy dinner. 
Be sure you’re getting enough exercise. Get outside as often as possible for the fresh air and sun. You also need to get at least 30 minutes of moderate or strenuous activity each day. 
With caregivers helping out, you keep working, practicing self-care, and going out for social events. Call a Senior Home Care agency to schedule caregivers to give you breaks. 

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