Home Care Bowie, MD: Staying Hydrated
Home Care Bowie, MD: Staying Hydrated

It is amazing how many important parts are in the human body. You might already know the most essential parts of your body. However, did you know that many experts say a human body is made up of 57% to 60% water?  Knowing this fact, it is probably easier to understand why it is crucial to make sure your elderly loved one is staying hydrated. Some studies show an adult person loses about 80 ounces of water every single day just by partaking in their daily tasks. These studies also show that elderly people can become dehydrated much easier than other adults. In fact, dehydration is one of the leading reasons elderly people visit the hospital each year. This is one reason why it is so important for your elderly loved one to stay hydrated. Keep reading to learn more about dehydration in the elderly.  

Boost of Energy  

Many home care providers and family caregivers hear their elderly loved ones complain about not having enough energy to participate in activities and their daily tasks. It is important to understand that a lack of energy and feelings of extreme tiredness can lead to a person living a sedentary life. This can be extremely dangerous for an elderly person. It can even lead to a shorter life span. One way you can help your elderly loved one to feel more energized is to help them stay hydrated. This will ensure they are getting the proper fluids which will help balance their internal organs. It will make your loved one’s body function better and keep their brains sharper, as well. All these things will help boost their energy and improve their odds of living longer.  

Preventing More Doctor’s Appointments and Hospital Visits  

Maintaining hydration can also help prevent additional doctor’s appointments and hospital visits. When a person gets older it is usually necessary for them to see their doctor on a regular basis. However, some studies show that a person who stays hydrated will have a healthier body compared to people who don’t stay hydrated. This means these people won’t have to see their doctor as often. 

Having Fun 

It is important to understand that your loved one doesn’t have to sit around drinking water all day. While drinking water is probably the best way to stay hydrated, it isn’t the only way. Your loved one can get water from fruits, vegetables, or other types of drinks. Just remember it isn’t healthy to consume too much sugar or caffeine. Finding a healthy balance of foods and drinks is the best way to ensure your elderly loved one is staying hydrated. The key is to have fun with your loved one. Let them help pick produce and hydrating drinks that they love.  


It is essential for an elderly person to stay hydrated. It can help improve their odds of living a longer, happier life. Start helping your elderly loved one stay hydrated by using the tips you found here.  

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