Elder Home Care Annapolis, MD: Seniors and Heat
Elder Home Care Annapolis, MD: Seniors and Heat

When the weather gets hotter, that can create problems for your elderly family member. She may find that it’s a lot more difficult to do the things that she loves to do when it’s hotter for a variety of reasons. The heat itself can be a factor, but some of these issues might also be at play. 

She Isn’t Drinking Enough Water 

Probably the biggest factor that can affect your senior in the heat is whether she’s drinking enough water or not. Not drinking enough water can very easily cause her to be dehydrated and then the heat compounds the problem. Talk to your elderly family member’s doctor about how much water she should be getting every day and then start working toward that goal. If your elderly family member is more active than usual, she should probably bump up her water intake just a little bit, especially if she’s also outside in the heat. 

Her Weight Has Changed 

Weight fluctuations change more than most people realize about how someone reacts to things like heat. Your elderly family member may experience weight fluctuations for a variety of reasons. This can also be an indication that she’s not drinking enough water or that she’s experiencing some other changes. Also, fluctuations to her weight can simply wear out her body. 

Her Health Is a Factor 

Your senior’s overall health and health conditions have a definite impact on how heat affects her. If she’s not able to sweat properly, that can mean she overheats easily. If she’s experiencing kidney or bladder issues, she may not be able to flush wastes out of her system properly. All of this can mean that your elderly family member is simply too busy dealing with those issues for her body to properly manage the heat. 

Her Medications Are Affecting Her 

The health conditions your senior is battling may not affect her in the heat, but the medications she takes to manage them definitely might. Some medications increase sensitivities to both heat and to the sun, which can produce very dangerous side effects for your senior. Talk to your elderly family member’s doctor about the medications she’s taking and whether any of those should be changed during the summer. 

Working with Elder Home Care providers can be a great way for you to recognize when your elderly family member is struggling a little more in the heat. Sometimes the signs can be more subtle than you think. 

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